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The Beijing University of Technology (BJUT), Beijing-Dublin International College (BDIC) is seeking to recruit a qualified and highly motivated candidate for the position of Administrative Affairs Officer. The successful candidate for this position will join a passionate and busy team and will work in a rewarding role.

北京工业大学,北京-都柏林国际学院招聘英语行政管理岗一位,该职位要求应聘者符合职位要求并且具备较高的工作热情。成功候选人将加入一个充满活力的团队。北京-都柏林国际学院(Beijing-Dublin International College at BJUT)简称都柏林学院,是北京工业大学与爱尔兰国立都柏林大学联合组建的中外合作办学机构,目前在校学生超过1000人。

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Beijing-Dublin International College (BDIC) is a joint international partnership between University College Dublin (UCD) and Beijing University of Technology (BJUT) and is located on the BJUT campus in Beijing. BDIC offers students a unique opportunity to experience a world-class international education, with programmes in Science, Engineering & Business. All core modules delivered through English with the majority being delivered by UCD lecturers in Beijing. Students graduate with degrees from both UCD and BJUT.

Duties of the successful candidate will include:

A. Support Human Resources:
B. Support Advertising and Promotion
C. Support Administrative Affairs:

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GraduationAt present the Beijing-Dublin International College (BDIC) has about 1000 students. It is one of many colleges and international programs at BJUT, a campus of 17,000 students. BJUT is one of the 100 key universities in China and has a full range of majors in technology, computer science, various sciences, mathematics, economics, and a range of liberal arts majors including a fine arts program.

BJUT is a vibrant, growing institution founded in 1960. Although in its infancy, the Beijing-Dublin Internatioal College has already had its first graduating class. It is new, developing, and already a high quality, successful program whose mission is to bring international exposure and cooperation to the students of China. If you join us you will be able to make real contributions to what promises to be a legendary program.

Here is the website for the program. Explore the different majors supported. Take a look at the support offered to our students and at the range of careers we prepare them for:

Beijing Dublin International College Website - English

北京-都柏林国际学院 - 中文.

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