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Happiness and Longevity Kite

Happiness and Longevity

Ma Jiashu 马家树 painted this kite with a large central bat in the 1990s. It is 44 by 58 centimeters on paper. The bat is a symbol of happiness and is included particularly often in the wooden lattice work on doors and windows. The two large peaches at the bottom stand for longevity. Why the peach? It bruises easily and doesn't have a great shelf life. The story is an ancient one. There is a magical peach tree that bears fruit only once in every 3000 years. It is located somewhere in the Kunlun Mountains 昆仑山 in northern Tibet. There, the eight immortals gather, to eat the fruit of this life-giving peach tree and thus maintain their immortality.

Last update: June 2008
© Marilyn Shea, 2008