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The Construction of the Eagle Kite

The Construction of the Eagle Kite

One of the things he enjoys about kite flying is the construction of the kite. He makes all of his own kite frames. Bending the bamboo and fitting the joints is a skilled art. Achieving the correct arch and bow is necessary for good flight patterns. The wings are made to detach from the body so the kite can be stored and transported, but this requires an excellent fit so that the wind will work to tighten the joint rather than sheer the wing off. When you repair a kite, it is important to pay attention to the weight difference between the two wings. Too much glue on one side ruins the flight. Another eagle was flying at the end of the park and he used that to describe the flight of the kite.

Wings must be balanced

White glue is used to attach the paper or silk to the frame

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