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Capital Museum

The Capital Museum, 首都博物馆 (Shǒudū Bówùguǎn), is focused on the history of Beijing. At one time it was located near the Confucian Temple, but in 2006 it opened its new facilities on Fuxingmen. Fuxingmen is the continuation of Chang'an Avenue which runs in front of the Forbidden City. It's the main drag in Beijing. As the city remakes itself, more and more monumental buildings line the street. The size of the museum from the outside promises a much larger museum than is actually there. There are three smaller buildings enclosed by the exterior shell; a bronze oval, a rectangular exhibition hall, and a block of offices and research labs.

Most of the interior is devoted to a huge empty reception area which can be used for parties, events, and official openings.

The collection of jade artifacts is housed in the oval section of the museum.

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