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Tian'anmen Square

Zhengyangmen 正阳门 (Zhèngyángmén) was originally constructed in 1419 as part of the plan to move the capital from Nanjing to Beijing. It wasn't actually this gate. The original gate burnt several times, the last time when the Eight Powers invaded Beijing to free the legation area which was under attack from the Boxers. When the gate was rebuilt, the designers used features of two other, more elaborate gates for the design. Both of those gates were torn down by the People's Republic of China to make room for the automobile.

You can see why the archery gates were added to each of the gates in the Inner City walls. The archery gates offered much better protection for the soldiers and were more fire resistant. The gate is 132.4 feet high, 134.5 feet wide and 68.9 feet deep.

William Henry Jackson, 1895 - Library of Congress World's Transportation Commission collection.

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