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Forbidden City
Hall of Supreme Harmony 太和殿

The throne and interior of the Hall of Supreme Harmony 太和殿 (Tàihé Diàn) is filled with symbols of power and of imperial rule. Dragons decorate almost every surface. Notice the beams in the ceiling. The gold serpentine shapes are dragons. There are six gold pillars, three on each side of the throne. They are designed with both light and dark gilding to bring out the pattern. Later on, there are a couple more pictures that show the pillars in better light. The main pillars have a diameter of 3.48 feet and stand 41.67 feet high. When the Hall of Supreme Harmony was built, and rebuilt in 1420, all of the pillars were from single nanmu trees. When Kangxi rebuilt the hall in 1695 after yet another fire, he had to use pine because the nanmu was extinct.

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