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Forbidden City
Jiangshan Pavilion
Palace of Heavenly Purity 乾清宫

In front of the Palace of Heavenly Purity 乾清宫 (Qiánqīng Gōng), there are two small miniature temples, one standing on each side of the stairs. This and the following pictures are of the one on the east side of the steps. The one on the east was called Jiangshan Pavilion and it stood for territorial integrity. The one on the west was dedicated to Sheji, the God of Land and Grain, a symbol of bumper harvest.

The gilded pavilions at the top of each copy the features of the palaces and halls of the Forbidden City. There are double wooden doors in the stone base which allow fresh incense to be placed inside. You can just enjoy the rest of the images of the pavilion, there are no further descriptions.

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