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Temple of Three Emperors 三官殿 White Cloud Temple 北京白云观

Baiyun Guan 白云观
White Cloud Temple
Temple of Three Emperors

The Temple of Three Emperors 三官殿 (Sān Guān Diàn) was called the Feng Zhen Temple 丰真殿 (Fēngzhēn Diàn), "Abundant Spirit Hall" when it was built, but the name was changed since the temple is dedicated to offerings made to the three Emperors of heaven, earth, and water.

The Emperor of Heaven 天官 brings good luck and relieves the suffering of the people. The Emperor of Earth 地官 pardons sins and releases people from their grievances and complaints. The Emperor of Water 水官 cures all diseases, bad luck and disasters that may befall mankind.

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