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Lao Lü Temple 老律堂 White Cloud Temple 北京白云观

Baiyun Guan 白云观
White Cloud Temple
Lao Lü Temple 老律堂

Lao Lü Temple 老律堂 Lǎolǖ Táng was built in 1228 after Genghis Khan had conquered the northern territories of Jin, the year following the death of Qiu Changchun (1148-1227).

During the Ming Dynasty (1440) under Emperor Yingzong the temple was dedicated to the Immortal Changchun 长春 (Chángchūn). Changchun means Eternal Spring and it is the temple name given to Qiu Chuji (丘处机). At Baiyun Guan his given name, Qiu Chuji, is used in descriptions. I will refer to him by that name.

In 1456, the temple was rebuilt during the reign of the Ming Emperor Daizong. In 1509, during the Ming Dynasty, Emperor Wu commissioned the statues of the seven Immortals and the temple began to be called the Seven Immortals Temple “七真翕光殿”.

In 1662, the temple was again rebuilt under the rule of the Kangxi Emperor of the Qing Dynasty. It continued to be dedicated to the seven Immortals of Quanzhen Daoism 全真七位真人. Quanzhen Daoism is a major branch or sect of Daoism and the seven Immortals were the seven disciples of its founder, Wang Chongyang.

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