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Lao Lü Temple 老律堂 White Cloud Temple 北京白云观

Baiyun Guan 白云观
White Cloud Temple
Lao Lü Temple 老律堂

Lao Lü Temple 老律堂 is used for many ceremonies as well as serving as the main lecture hall for the monastery. Music plays an important part in Daoist worship and history. Many of the compositions go back 1,500 years. The music changes depending on the prayer; it can be as quiet and peaceful as a whisper, or loud and ringing like a shout. Ceremonies are performed to help gather the qi of a departed relative so they can go to heaven; other ceremonies pray for happiness, wealth, or a return to health. There are also ceremonies to pray for the entire country. When attending a Daoist ceremony, the person washes thoroughly, puts on all new or clean clothes, and fasts for a day before the ceremony.

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