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Baiyun Guan 白云观

Baiyun Guan 白云观
White Cloud Temple
Temple of God Relieving Sufferers 救苦殿

The Temple of God Relieving Sufferers 救苦殿 (Jiùkǔ Diàn) was originally named Temple of Great Master 宗师殿 (Zōngshī Diàn). Now the temple is dedicated to offerings to the God Taiyi 太乙 (Tàiyǐ) who relieves pain and suffering. He is the highest god in the nine-layer nether world, who rides a lion with nine heads. In his left hand he holds a bottle of sweet dew and in his right hand a double-edged sword. He battles evil with the sword and cures sorrow with the dew.

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