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You can see the railroad tracks that run next to the city wall from the top of the stairs. Below, the sign refers to the underground areas that were prepared as air-raid shelters in the 1960s and 1970s. You will see such signs at various parts of Beijing. The underground city had passages that connected many areas both within the the city walls and outside the city walls. Some say there was a passage that ran all the way to Tianjin to the east. Certainly there were other underground shelters built all over China in both ruaral and urban areas, but whether many of them joined to make passages between city centers is a matter of rumor and speculation. If you return to the Historic Beijing index there is a link that will lead you to a series of pictures coupled with a history of the project or you can click HERE to open a new tab with the link to the Underground City.

alttitle 弘义

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