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The preservation or destruction of historical sites is always a matter of politics and popular debate. In a country where each layer of dirt contains relics of a past age, deciding which to preserve and which to destroy is hard. The charm of the European cities that maintained their central cities through the ages is not an attractive alternative in this age of modernization and rapid progress. It becomes even more important to enlist the support of the most powerful leaders to keep and support not only the hugely popular sites but the ordinary evidences of daily living.

Above: Jiang Zemin, Premier of the People's Republic of China - 江泽民,中华人民共和国主席(1993-2003.

Below: Wan Li, former Chairman of the Standing Committee of the People's Congress - 万里,全国人大常委委员长(1988-1993.

Bottom: 贾庆林 Gu Qinglin and 刘淇 Liu Qi.

alttitle 弘义

alttitle 弘义

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