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Small stalls hugged the walls of the city. Here they flank the entrance at Chongwenmen.

In the Yuan Dynasty this gate was called Wenmingmen, 文明门. The Yuan name was drawn from the I Ching or Book of Changes. This gate was further fortified in the first years of the reign of Emperor Zhengtong (1435-) when the defensive enclosure and arrow tower were added to the gate. It was then that the name was changed. Over the years it was also called Shuimen, 税门, or Tax Gate since the headquarters of the Capital Tax Bureau were located outside the gate. -- Relics Park.

This picture was taken after the Boxer Rebellion. The gates on the east side of Beijing suffered the most damage since the Eight Allied Powers traveled from Tianjin in the east to Beijing. Their destination was the besieged legation quarter near Chongwenmen.

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