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Tile End with Double Cavalry Horses Urged on by the Whip under a Tree 树下双骑对阵纹半瓦当

Double Cavalry Horse under Tree Designs on Tile Ends
Pottery Designs from the State of Qi in the Warring States Period 战国齐

There are three cavalry designs on this page dating to thw Warring States Period. The first one above shows two mounted soldiers and their horses. The riders are whipping the horses on. The artitic achievements of the era were not up to portrayal of movement in the horses, but eh intent is clear. The Chinese description is 树下双骑策马纹半瓦当, meaning urging or whipping the horses on. The second tile, below, simply shows two horses under a tree, but they are labeled military horses or cavalry (树下双骑对阵纹半瓦当). Finally, the third tile shows a pair of horses and a pair of monkeys under a tree (树下双马双猴纹半瓦当). All three tiles were unearthed in the Shandong region and are attributed to the Qi State.

Tile End with Pair of Cavalry Horses under Tree 树下双骑对阵纹半瓦当

Tile End with a Pair of Horses and a Pair of Monkeys under tree 树下双马双猴纹半瓦当

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