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alttitle 弘义

Shang Lin Tile End
Pottery Designs from the Western Han Dynasty 西汉 206 BC - 8 AD

Office Building Construction Tile

This is the Shang Lin tile mentioned previously. When the Han overthrew the Qin and took over the government they also took over the Qin office buildings and house. There were 146 houses and buildings altogether according to ancient records. The buildings were run by the "Shuǐ Héng Dū Wèi" 水衡都尉 which an administrative unit. There is a line in the "Dream House" poem in which this building is described: "'Shang Lin' was the noble place were the most distinguished and talented could work. The favor from the emperor was no small thing, yet who would remark it in years to come."

This tile end dates to the Western Han dynasty.

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