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Government Official in White Pottery 白陶官吏俑

Government Official in White Pottery
Pottery Designs from the Tang Dynasty 唐代 618 - 907 AD

The statue shown above stands about 12 to 14 inches. One of the improvements that continued from the Han dynasty was the development of glazes and paints. The Tang dynasty saw great strides made in both areas. Tri-color glazes were developed and new colors were added to the spectrum. The white pottery was reserved for the best of the statues and figures. All sorts of figures were included as funereal objects. Including figures of government officials, soldiers, and other important people in addition to servants showed your status as you entered the next world. The emperor of the Qin dynasty may have had 7000 life size statues, but later burials were more economical. Still, the cost of burials and the ceremonies to honor ancestors became so problematic by the 700s that in the Tang dynasty the emperor limited them by edict to save the economy.

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