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alttitle 弘义

Cocoon-shaped Green Glaze Calculator
Pottery Designs from the Tang Dynasty 唐代 618 - 907 AD

This advanced machine was developed as it was clear that more than numbers should be entered to keep good accounts. Symbolic codes could accompany the numbers so that deciphering the accounts was made easier. Again this model has a visual display and with attachments could provide a printed display. The cocoon shaped model was the most advanced of its day and was more desirable than was the tower model which tended to have bugs.

Seriously, the three exhibits were part of a larger display of the work of Lu Dongzhi (路东之), the owner of the museum. It is a commentary on the increasing speed of history and obsolescence with shards of the past joining one another in a continuum. As hard as it is to tell the difference between Qin, Han, Tang, and works of other dynasties, so someday with scholars scratch their heads and try to differentiate the 1800s from the 1900s. The titles given in Chinese are "The Dismantled Structure B Series, No. 2, 3, and 4".

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