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High Necked Pot with Triangular Net and Band Design

High Necked Pot with Triangular Net and Band Design
Painted Pottery of the Yangshao Culture 仰韶文化彩陶

This pot or bottle is not the prettiest thing that ever came off a kiln, expecially if you compare it to other pieces from the Yangshao culture. But that is true in any culture, there are variations in talent. The artist did make an effort to decorate the bottle. The pattern requires quite a bit of planning to execute. Because the bottle is round, the artist has to plan the size of each of the chevrons so that they will meet evenly as he went around the bottle. If you plan poorly all of a sudden you have a set of narrow chevrons squeezed in at the end to make the pattern work. That was not true in this case, the pattern fit nicely. If this were done in a workshop today, there would be a pattern based on the size of the pot that you could wrap around the bottle to provide the marker points to hit as you painted the stripes. That may have been done for this pot, or the pot might have been marked directly to get the measurements laid on correctly.

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