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Four Ear Pot with Geometric Design Huoshaogou culture 火烧沟文化

Four Ear Pot with Geometric Design
The Painted Pottery from the Huoshaogou culture 火烧沟文化彩陶

The decoration on this pot reminds me more of crossed bandoliers rather than a geometric design. The lines are curved rather than straight and there is a sweeping grace to the entire composition rather than the ordered discipline of a geometric design.

The pot is a product of the Huoshaogou culture, a late Neolithic culture that occupied parts of the west Hexi corridor and Gansu province. When it was unearthed in 1948 it was called Siba culture but was renamed when another find was made at Huoshaogou in 1976. The culture was limited in area and is date from 1950 BC to 1430 BC so is also limited in time. They produced a fair amount of pottery in a short time, much of it similar to the pot above.

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