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Two Ear Jar with Band and Dog Design Xindian culture 辛店文化

Two Ear Jar with Band and Dog Design
The Painted Pottery from the Xindian culture 辛店文化彩陶

While east of Gansu And Qinghai the Western Zhou dynasty held sway, the Xindian culture was ablaze with creativity. The Xindian culture spanned the time between 1500 BC and 1000 BC. The first site was unearthed at Xindian Lintao in 1923-4. The middle 1920s were a hot time for archaeology. Once the first site hit the news, attention was called to other potential sites. Local people often knew of finds but were unaware of their significance until they read about other sites in the newspaper. The painted pottery of the culture is highly individual and identifiable. It was in a transition to the bronze age and both bronze and copper remains have been found at the sites.

As with all Neolithic agricultural cultures the people of the Xindian established villages along rivers, particularly the Tao He, the Daxia He, and the Huang Shui River. The rivers supplied fish, water, transportation, irrigation, and building materials. The soils around rivers were richer for crops, more friable, and made better pots due to their clay content.

The pot shown above is fairly typical of Xindian painted pottery. If you are looking for the dog, there are two small ones, one on each side of the major "W" design. The Museum of Fine Arts in Boston has several extraordinary examples of Xindian pottery if you are in the area.

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