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Old Picture of Qianmen 前门 - 老图片

Qianmen 前门

Above, is the wooden neighborhood gate and the entrance to Qianmen Avenue or Dajie 前门大街 (Qiánmén Dàjiē). The view looks south, away from the Inner City.

Below, is a picture of a section of Qianmen Dajie 前门大街 from about the same era. The clothing and vehicles suggest the 1880s to 1890s. On the left side of the street, you see a tall two pillared structure in front of a building. This was an adaptation of the gate that marked neighborhoods to the front of a store. The gate is a symbol of honor and welcome. For the most part, stores contented themselves with archways and decorated façades. This store was probably also a symbol of a region of China outside of Beijing. Just a guess. You can pick out other examples on the next two pages.

Old Picture of Qianmen 前门 - 老图片

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