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sign above doorway on Xidongmochang Jie 西打磨厂街

Qianmen Hutong 前门胡同

wénmíng gōngyuē

Love your country and Beijing.
Love your job and devote yourself to your job.
Be honest and keep your promises.
Observe laws and principles and maintain order in public.
Decorate the city and keep it clean.
Make Beijing green and protect the environment.
Protect antiques.
Advocate science and respect education and teachers.
Take care of senior citizens and children.
Respect women.
Get rid of superstitions.
Observe the one child policy.
Help other people.
Behave politely.
West Damochang Street 2nd Council
西打磨厂街第二号委会 (Xīdámóchǎng Jiē Dì'èrhào Wěihuì).

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