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Qian Xiang Yi silk shop 2008 谦祥益

New Qianmen

August 7, 2008

Qian Xiang Yi Silk store 谦祥益 (Qiānxiángyì) changed in minor ways compared to its appearance in 2005 (below). The electric service wires had been bundled, but this street did not have its telephone and electric service buried as did Qianmen Dajie and Dashila Street

The medallion on the roof had a green paint added to the background, the large sign near the roof was removed, as were brass plaques signifying licenses and honors, and finally, the English and Chinese descriptions were removed from the left wing over the steps.

The biggest changes were inside. It had been completely redecorated. The display space was cut in half to give it a roomy look, as opposed to the tables and counters laden with bolts of cloth that I delighted in, in previous years. The major change was the loss of my friend the tailor. I asked about him, but the clerks at the tailor's desk didn't know where he moved. He was great. I don't know how skilled the new people are, I didn't need anything and I didn't see any fabric that I could afford. Hopefully, they will measure up to his mastery.

Qian Xiang Yi silk shop 2005 谦祥益

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