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grand opening of a store

New Qianmen

August 7, 2008

A grand opening for Yi Tiao Long 壹条龙羊肉馆 (Yī Tiáo Lóng Yángròu Guǎn) a mutton restaurant on Qianmen Dajie. Once called Nan Heng Shun, it opened in 1785.

It is said the Emperor Guangxu (光緒帝 Guāngxùdì,1871–1908) used to dress in ordinary clothes and go out for a night on the town. Actually, this is said of many emperors, it must have gotten pretty boring in the Forbidden City. Anyway, he had a meal here.

When the owner of the restaurant started making offerings to a certain table, people surmised that the Emperor had sat there. Of course, the owner could never break silence, but he could continue to make offerings!

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