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Qianmen Dajie 2008

New Qianmen

August 7, 2008

Before and after, a reconstruction. Below, the photograph shows a famous hat store Sheng Xifu 盛锡福 (Shèng Xīfú) that was founded in 1911. Today, their main store is on Wangfujing Street, another walking shopping street. Sheng Xifu did very well after the Revolution. All of those caps worn by Mao Zedong and other Chinese leaders were made by Sheng Xifu.

The new store is occupied by Baoxing 宝兴 (Bǎoxīng) but they had not opened for business, Baoxing is a woman's high fashion store. One of the goals of the Qianmen project is to get many stores selling traditional Chinese products back to the street. It doesn't matter if they are in their original store or not.

famous hat store Sheng Xifu Qianmen Dajie early 1900;s

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