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Zhangyiyuan Tea Shop  张一元

New Qianmen Dashila

August 7, 2008

Zhangyiyuan Tea Shop 张一元 was founded in 1900 by Zhang Changyi (birth name: Wenqing - many Chinese in the arts or business take on new names for the purpose of their career). He had come from Shexian County in Anhui Province years earlier and gradually worked himself up from a handcart and booth to open this store. He was an uneducated farmer with a taste for tea.

His abilities and high standards brought success. After this, his first shop, he opened ten more in Beijing and became a leading brand in teas. Below, the tea shop is pictured in 2004 and in the early 1900s

Zhangyiyuan Tea Shop 2004  张一元

Zhangyiyuan Tea Shop early 1900  张一元

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