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Beijing Zoo crowd

Beijing Zoo 北京动物园

The Beijing Zoo has over 700 different species and its animal population is well over 7,000. Those numbers are out of date as soon as you type them, so just assume that there is plenty to see at the Beijing Zoo. The Beijing Zoo has more than 222 acres, as well as additional support areas in the suburbs. No, the support areas are not open to the public. They contain the isolation areas for new or sick animals, most of the research offices and laboratories, and general administration buildings.

You won't see much of the zoo in these pages. When I go to a zoo, it's a day off. I may find a quiet corner and sit for an hour or two reading or talking with friends. I once spent most of a day with an orange and black bird at the aviary in Kowloon without ever finding out what the bird was. I say this to explain that there is no reason for this collection; while the panda is obvious, the inclusion of the South American coati may make you scratch your head. If you look at its grip on the branches and the curve of its spine while hanging, you'll understand.

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