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Synthethica plasticalosa, 合成纤维塑料

Beijing Zoo 北京动物园
Olympic Pandas

Synthethica plasticalosa, 合成纤维塑料 (héchéngxiānwéi sùliào), is a subspecies of giant panda (Ailuropoda melanoleuca) that has varied coloration. Synthethica plasticalosa is not an endangered species, although it may be a danger to others. While not aggressive and never known to attack, their reproductive tendencies may displace others from their normal habitat. When collections are formed, humans have had to move out of their abodes. Children's beds are a particularly favored habitat.

Synthethica plasticalosa live in groupings called "collections" - although some members of the species can be found alone or in pairs in their normal habitats. When they enter a collection, the collection quickly grows. The collection stimulates other cultural tendencies, such as art, in the species. In large collections you can observe an interesting behavior called self-portraiture. Images can be found on pot holders, aprons, pens, clothing, lamps, hats, umbrellas, and coffee mugs. Miniature members of synthethica plasticalosa thrive in collections.

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