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pulling dough for jiaozi

Spring Festival Dumplings - making jiaozi

We are on the second or third set of trays. Just a little more dough is needed to finish off the filling. The jiaozi are then boiled. The water should be boiling when they are dropped in. That will cool the water and then you wait until it boils again and add a half bowl (small) of cold water. Wait for it to boil again, and then add the other half of the cold water. Wait until it boils again and your jiaozi should be ready. Another clue: when the jiaozi have finished cooking, they will float. You have to stir from time to time to prevent the jiaozi from sticking to one another or to the bottom of the pan. Simple.

Scoop them out and put them on a plate. They can be dipped in hot sauces of various types, hot oil, soy sauce, vinegar, or anything else that takes your fancy.

You can also freeze them before or after cooking. That's what happened to most of what we made. They are placed on trays in the freezer: placed so they don't touch one another. When they are frozen they are put in plastic bags and put back in the freezer. They will be used throughout the season - they don't last very long though, they're too tempting.

Note the clock on the wall. The timing is just right! Jiaozi will be served at midnight.

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