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Miao Hui 庙会 at Ditan 地坛

They actually ARE riddles. This is a traditional Spring Festival activity. Usually they would be written on lanterns which would be strung out all over the place, but this form permits you to play more efficiently.

Sometimes they are based on the line of a famous poem, sometimes they are more like our crossword puzzle clues. They are very difficult, so there are hints in parentheses to give you an extra clue. The answer might be a sports figure, a chess term, or perhaps a celebrity.

There are numbers at the top of each of the riddles. If you think you have the answer, you go to the organizer of the event and give your answer and the number of the riddle. If you are right, you go back and tear off the sheet and bring it back for a prize. As the riddles dwindle, the motivation goes up as the prizes are fewer and a little more valuable. The prizes are not anything big, just enough to make it fun.

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