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Emperor Kangxi being carried by an honor guard

Kangxi Emperor at Ditan 地坛

In the old days, the common folks weren't allowed to view the Emperor as he passed by. But now he is a photo op. This is the Kangxi Emperor (康熙帝, Kāngxīdì 1654 – 1722) the third emperor of the Qing dynasty. He brought an era of prosperity to China that was so well organized that it didn't begin to wane until the early 1800s. He also had the longest reign of any emperor, 61 years, and so becomes a symbol of long life and good fortune himself.

The golden color of his robes was reserved for Emperors through most of China's history. The golden color was used for roof tiles, carriages, clothing, and personal items. The dragon embroidery was the symbol of imperial power. Certain depictions of the dragon were also reserved for the Emperor.


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