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The Former and Later Chu Shi Biao
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Wen Peng
文彭 (1498-1573)
Official / Clerical script
Wen Peng is the eldest son of Wen Zhenming one of the founders of the Wumen School of Painting and Calligraphy.
Wen Peng followed in his father's footsteps and founded the Wumen School of Seal Carving. He invented a new style of seals and
introduced new harder and more durable materials for seals. The stones he chose allowed a finer control over stroke and line.
Born in Shanghai, Wen Peng is also known by his designated name Shoucheng and his literary name Sanqiao. In this
scroll Wen Peng gives us a fine example of Official or Clerical script.
Clerical script dates to the Qin dynasty. The strokes are clear and separated, the characters are wider than they are tall, and
the stroke is heavier than in regular script, often beginning with a narrow line and ending with a broad flat tail.
Ming Dynasty

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