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Zhi Zhai Ji - Running script

Zhi Zhai Ji
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Zhao Mengfu
赵孟頫 (1245-1322)
Running script
Zhao Mengfu was a native of Wuxing, Zhejiang Province and is also known by his designated name Zi'ang
子昂 and by
his literary name Songxue Daoren
松雪道人 . He was not only an accomplished calligrapher but also a noted painter.
This scroll was completed in 1308, the first year of Emperor Zhida's reign. Zhao Mengfu worked both for the Song and
the succeeding Yuan dynasty. He, Xian Yushu and Deng Wenyuan are considered to be the three greatest calligraphers
of the Yuan Dynasty. Zhao's calligraphy was very influential during the Ming and Qing dynasties and he was widely imitated.
Yuan Dynasty

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