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One Thousand Characters - Chen Chun

One Thousand Characters
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Chen Chun
陳淳 (1483-1544)
Regular script
Chen Chun was a native of Suzhou, born to a wealthy and literate family. He was a student of Wen Zhengming of the
Wumen School and later became the master of the school. He is considered one of the Four Masters of Suzhou.
His painting's were innovative and original, especially his ink-wash free-sstyle paintings of flowers, birds, and landscapes.
His designated name was Daofu and his literary name was Baiyang. He along with Xu Wei (1521-1593) are referred to by their
literary names "Qingteng and Baiyang" to indicate their joint influence on later generations through their free-style in painting
and calligraphy. Chen Chun was famous for his cursive and wild cursive scripts, but his mastery applied to all forms. The regular
script shown here demonstrates a freedom and grace of line and a rapid stroke.
Ming Dynasty

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