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Calligraphy in Official Script

Calligraphy in Official Script
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Jin Nong
金农 (1687-1764)
Jin Nong is one the "eight eccentrics of Yangzhou" who are called eccentric because of their deviation from the official
standards in painting and calligraphy of their day. (Huang Shen, Zheng Xie, Li Shan, Li Fangying, Wang Shishen,
Gao Xiang and Luo Pin). They stepped out of bounds in various directions to explore individual interpretations and
styles. Jin Nong's calligraphy was strongly influenced by stone carved steles and he attempted successfully to transfer
the strength of the stone carving to his brush. This scroll is not as extreme as his famous "lacquer script." In mature
lacquer script the horizontal lines are even straighter and stronger while for the verticals he moved toward a
very light, thin line.
Qing Dynasty

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