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Sun Qianli's book in running script

Excerpt Chart of Sun Qianli's Book

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Wang Wenzhi
王文治 (1730-1802)
Running script
Sun Qianli
孫虔禮 (aka. Sun Guoting) was a calligrapher of the early Tang Dynasty who specialized in
cursive or grass style. He wrote Treatise on Calligraphy which influenced all succeeding generations.
Wang Wenzhi also was a master of the cursive style and admired Sun Qianli both for his writings and
for his calligraphy. Wang Wenzhi was given the poetic title Dan Mo Tan Hua
淡墨探花 (meaning
literally light ink explore blossom) - to denote the light and deft touch he brought to the brush.
Qing Dynasty

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