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Ding Yunpeng
丁云鹏 (1547-1628).
His designated name was Nanyu
南羽 and his literary name was Shenghua Jushi 圣华居士.
This painting demonstrates most of his specialties - the human figure, landscapes, and flower painting.
He often painted Buddhist figures as he had lived in a Buddhist monestary for a time. He was born in
Xiuning, Anhui Province which lies at the foot of Mount Huangshan, one of the most beautiful scenic areas in China.
Both influences can be found in this painting - the lush detail of traditional Buddhist painting and strong figure in the
rocks and trees from the unique rock forms of Mount Huangshan. Zoom in on the table to see
one of the patterns that brings richness and texture to the scene.
Ming Dynasty

Visit the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston to see one example of Ding Yunpeng's
Buddhist paintings -- Shakyamuni on a Rock in the Ocean.
(c) Marilyn Shea, 2006, 2007