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Long Life Blessing
Finger painting by Gao Qipei
高其佩 (1660-1734).
He was also known by his designated name Weizhi 伟之.
and his literary name, Qieyuan
且园. He was born in Tieling, Liaoning Province and was from a Manchu family.
As a Manchu he achieved a high rank as a civil servant under the Kanxi (1662-1722) and
Yongzheng (1723-1735) emperors. His position allowed him to devote much of his time to his painting.
He is well known for his highly individualistic style and techniques. He developed finger painting in new directions.
When painting, the fingers and nails are dipped in ink. The nails are kept very long, especially the thumb nail. By using different
surfaces of the nails and fingers, the painter has full control over the quick, deft strokes needed to keep his subject
lively and in motion.
Qing Dynasty

To see more works by Gao Qipei, visit the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston.
Contrast "Long Life Blessing" with "Scholar with a Walking Stick." "Pack Train on a Mountain Trail" is an exceptional landscape.
(c) Marilyn Shea, 2006, 2007