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Shaanxi History Museum

Xi'an and Shaanxi have been at the cultural crossroads for millennia. The path from the West led migrations toward the Yellow River Valley and the Wei River Valley. The Shaanxi History Museum was opened to provide an account of the vast range of archaeological and cultural heritage that developed in and around Xi'an and the Shaanxi area. The modern political boundaries of Shaanxi encompass an area that has been active for 1.5 million years and served as the center of the Zhou, Qin, Han, and Tang Dynasties. Even when the capital moved east to Nanjing or north to Beijing, Xi'an remained an important political and economic hub.

The Shaanxi History Museum first opened in 1983 and was totally redone in 1991 to expand the premises and house its growing collection. In 2008, another renovation modernized the display spaces and gave them new laboratory and storage space for the collection which includes over 370,000 pieces.

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