Reconstruction of Lantian Man Paleolithic Era Shaanxi History Museum 旧石器时代, 蓝田人, 陕西历史博物馆
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Paleolithic Era 旧石器时代
Lantian Man

The reconstructed head of Homo erectus based on skull sections of Lantian Man 蓝田人 (Lántián rén) found at Gongwangling 公王岭. Notice the flat forehead. The cranium capacity is estimated at 780 cubic centimeters (48 cu in). That is much smaller than that of Homo sapiens (1350 cc or 82.38 cubic inches). The cranial capacity of premodern Homo sapiens, as found in Dali, is much larger than that of Homo erectus (1120 cc or 68.35 cubic inches). The cranium of Dali Man is shown on a following page.

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