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Neolithic Era
Pointed Bottom Bottle

This bottle was excavated at the Jiangzhai Village near Lintong and dates to between 5,000 and 3,000 BC. The sides of the bottle are decorated with rope impressions made by winding the rope around the wet clay before it was fired. A very similar bottle from the Banpo site can be seen HERE.

The similarity among pottery items and daily utensils is not accidental. The Neolithic peoples didn't stay put just because they had villages. Every evidence supports the idea of travelers who ranged both far and wide, sharing ideas and technology. How much commerce occurred among the peoples of different regions is unclear, but cultural dissemination was rapid by the pace of the times and went beyond cultural and language lines. The Banpo and Jiangzhai villages belonged to the same culture - at least the way we group them today. But villages in the south, in what is Yunnan today, and villages on the Korean peninsula shared similar ideas and designs. The idea that Paleolithic and Neolithic man would disseminate across the globe and then stay put is harder to imagine than a constant ebb and flow back and forth from the east and west, the north and south.

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