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Warring States Period
Four One Horn One Foot Dragon Mirror - Right
四夔纹镜  右
One Horn One Foot Dragon with Curved Pattern Mirror - Left
夔纹连弧铜镜  左

Kuí is a mythical creature that invented music and dancing. There is also a mountain god of the same name who is the god of rain. Whether they are one in the same is a matter of argument. Kui is depicted with one foot and one horn and is fanciful. Both mirrors on the right and left use the one horned, one legged dragon as the theme for their decoration. Both mirrors date from the Warring States Period (375 BC - 221 BC). The Four dragon mirror on the right was found at a site in Chenggu County. The museum did not cite a source for the mirror on the left. The central mirror is shown on the next page.

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