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Han Dynasty
Deer Belt Ornament
鹿形透雕铜带饰   衣上装饰

Belt ornaments often have open worked designs to lighten them and to emphasize the design. This bronze belt ornament has the shape of a deer and was made during the Han Dynasty (202 BC - 220 AD).

The belt ornament below was produced by the Dian culture in the south. The Dian Kingdom occupied what is Yunnan today and had their own dynasties and rulers. They had a relationship with the Han Dynasty and by the Eastern Han had become a vassal state, but maintained their own king. The Dalian bronze belt buckle was part of an exhibition from the Kunming Museum. It is of two men hunting deer and it was made between 475 to 221 BC. The Dalian style is more three-dimensional and more sophisticated. The antlers of the deer on both examples seem problematic when worn on clothing. It was found at Lijiashan, Jiangchuan County. More examples can be found HERE.

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