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Ming Dynasty
Pottery Honor Guard
陶仪仗队群   随葬品

These burial objects were part of the tomb decorations of Prince Qinjian of the Ming Dynasty. They were found in 1990 at his tomb in Jianwangjing Village, Chang'an County. There were more that three hundred pieces to the set. They used to carry wooden poles and flags, but those have rotten away. The figures are identified by function and rank in inked notations made on the pedestals of each one.

The figures include Qingdao, "keeping clear"; Jingu, "gong and drum"; Beizi, "lucky animal"; Gaozhi, "no admittance"; Xin, "an official title"; Sheng, "reed pipe wind instrument"; Di, "bamboo flute"; Xiao, "vertical bamboo flute"; and miscellaneous halberts, spears, bows and arrows, clappers, sedan carriers, lanterns, fans, and umbrellas. "Umbrella", in this case, refers to the ceremonial umbrellas of elaborate silk carried in processions.

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