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Terracotta Warriors 秦俑

Terracotta Warriors

The warriors and horses present many challenges for archaeologists. Their task is more than a simple reconstruction; it is rather an attempt to find out how and why this site was originally constructed. To do this, they use ever more sophisticated equipment and techniques. Some areas of the site have been left untouched, waiting for advances in science and archaeology to reveal more secrets of the past.

One of the things that became clear as they began to reconstruct the warriors and horses was that the warriors had been constructed in different sections. Their arms, legs, torso, and head had been fired separately and then joined to make a full individual. This technique allowed the original artists to make common torsos for a rank and combine them with different leg and arm positions. The heads were individually sculpted from about eight basic types and placed upon the body. This technique had the side effect of preserving sections because, as the earth pressed down upon them, they broke off at the weak joints. On later pages there are pictures of areas that have not yet been reconstructed.

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