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Woman's Gown

Tang Dynasty Art Museum
Woman's Gown

Poetry and literature

Tang Poetry is still the standard of excellence in Chinese literature. Thousands of poems by thousands of poets have survived. The two most famous poets are Du Fu and Li Bai. Below is a poem by Du Fu, translated by Bynner. It can be found, along with many others, in both Chinese and English on the AFPC Association Francaise des Professeurs de Chinois site.

The hermit in his lone abode
Nurses his thoughts cleansed of care,
Them he projects to the wild goose
For it to his distant Sovereign to bear.
Who will be moved by the sincerity
Of my vain day-and-night prayer?
What comfort is for my loyalty
When fliers and sinkers can compare?

translation by Witter Bynner.

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