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Small Wild Goose Pagoda 小雁塔

Small Wild Goose Pagoda

The Small Wild Goose Pagoda was built across the street from the Da Jianfu Temple. The Da Jianfu Temple had been built in 684, following the death of Emperor Gaozong (r. 649–683) of the Tang Dynasty. It was a busy center for Buddhist study and translation from its inception. Teachers came from India bringing copies of sutras and monks and followers came from all over China to study and worship. The Small Goose Pagoda was built to house the growing collection of manuscripts. There is a narrow stair that winds up the center so that each of the floors can be accessed.

The Jinafu Temple was destroyed in the late Tang Dynasty and was rebuilt during the Ming and then again during the Qing Dynasty. When it was rebuilt, the planners aligned it with the Small Wild Goose Pagoda. More recently, the Xi'an Museum has been added to the grounds of the temple complex. It also follows the line of the Small Wild Goose Pagoda. The museum is devoted to the history of the city of Xi'an during the 13 dynasties when it served as the capital of China.

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