The Great Wall

and Ming Tombs

People climbing the Great Wall
There is a holiday atmosphere on the Great Wall.

Group sitting on the Great Wall
Beth made new friends while climbing and they sat down to look at pictures.

Great Wall climbing steep hill
In places the architects seemed to have chosen the steepest path.

Great Wall from distance
This is the one I use as my wallpaper.

Great Wall winding across mountains.
Supplies must have been hard to deliver to the garrisons.

Great Wall at Simatai.
In the Northeast, the Great Wall at Simatai looks over valleys.

Great Wall at Simatai.
The watch towers provided some relief from the weather. Simatai.

Great Wall at Simatai.
The outer passageways have begun to crumble. Simatai.

Great Wall at Simatai.
There are sixteen watch towers along the Simatai section.

Great Wall at Simatai.
The climb should be eased by the steps and pavement, but often the steps are over a foot and a half high. Simatai.

Great Wall at Simatai.
That's why donkeys are still used to bring up building materials and supplies. The use paths that run next to the wall. Simatai.

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