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History, Culture and Art

Chinese Coins.
Nanjing Massacre
Internet Guide to Chinese Studies -- Academic/Informational Links
Asian Studies WWW Virtual Library
On-line Chinese Tools
Art and Calligraphy
John Fairbank Chinese History Virtual Memorial Library
Rick Harbaugh's Etymology Dictionary
Tibetan Timeline.
History of China
Ten Laments: Technology and education in ancient China.
China History Timeline by Leon Poon
Academic Info -- China Studies: Languages & Linguistics by Mike Madin


Psychology Links
T2-weighted structural MR -- image #27
The Whole Brain Atlas
Case M Anatomic structures
Basic Neural Processes Tutorials
American Psychological Society (APS)
Darwin and Natural Selection
Museum Of The History Of Psychological Instrumentation
Distributed Electronic Journal of Psychology, Culture, and Evolution
The Center for Studies in Creativity at Buffalo State College.
Creativity in Science and Engineering
Operant Conditioning and Behaviorism - an historical outline
Hering's Colour Blind Apparatus
Social Cognition - Social Psychology Paper Archive
The Magical Number Seven, Plus or Minus Two -- George A. Miller
American Psychological Association
APA convention information

Odds and Ends

If you like mysteries, this is the place to start.
The World Wide Web Consortium
The Perl Archive
PHP Function List
PHP Home
UNICODE and more from Alan Wood

Reading Chinese on the Internet

To read Chinese characters on GB or Big5 pages you must have a Chinese reader for Windows. Several are available, including TwinBridge, NJStar, CStar, and others. To get a demo of TwinBridge Chinese Partner go to TwinBridge. If you are using TwinBridge, make sure that the option "Map all characters to English" is chosen in the configuration menu.

Once you have a system or helper working, you can see the characters more clearly if you enlarge the font. Go to "Options" in Netscape, open "General Preferences" and click on the Font tab. Next to "Proportional Font", click on the Change Font box. Change the font size to something over 20.

To learn more about reading Chinese on the Internet you should visit these pages:

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